“Karen Hill is a determined, warm, caring, compassionate business woman who has many great ideas and can assist anyone who would utilize her specialized coaching skills. Karen’s specialty is working with women and men who have come through divorce. She knows ‘first hand’ that one cannot do it alone. I was one of Karen’s success stories and know how much she has helped me. I recommend using Karen’s services to begin your ‘healing process’. She will help you become confident in yourself again.

I recommend Karen Hill to anyone wanting to move ahead from divorce to a new life.

Carol Ann Lukens, PHR – Human Resource Consulting Independent Consultant – Arbonne International

Carol Ann Lukens, PHR

Karen Hill is at the top of her game. She knows how to encourage those who are broken hearted. Karen has a great understanding about divorce, she’s been there and knows the pain it causes men and women and their children. If you want someone who will be in the trenches with you and has no fear of helping you, Karen is that person. She is confident, caring and street smart, important components in a Great Divorce coach.

Dr. Michael Brooks
Applicable Life Coaching & Counseling Services
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Dr. Michael Brooks

Karen has helped me through a rough patch in my life.  She is wonderful, kind and full of suggestions to help me achieve goals and conquer just about anything that life throws at me.  I would recommend her to anyone that is in need of life coaching.

Heidi Brothers, Evansville, IN

Heidi Brothers

Karen Hill is one of the most remarkable people I have ever met.  Her ability to intently listen, understand complex relationships and empower individuals to make positive life changes is powerful.  She approaches issues with deliberate and creative thought processes and has an enormous capacity for sorting through inconsistent facts and opinions. All of this makes her uniquely well-suited to tackle virtually any relationship matter.

With Karen’s wisdom, guidance and clear insight, not only do I have a clear understanding of the cause of my unhealthy marriage, but I have finally rediscovered the real ‘me’ after years of mental abuse. Karen taught me how to “look back on my life, but just don’t stare.”  With her encouragement, humor and expertise, I have come to know more of my true self and have learned to move forward toward a life that is full of hope, opportunity and great relationships.  Karen’s coaching has been invaluable and life changing!  I’ll always be grateful!

Lou Ann Gregory, Owner and Director of Client Services and Community Relations
Regency Home Care of North Atlanta

Lou Ann Gregory
If you are looking for assistance to get your life moving forward again, then working with Karen is your ticket.  With compassion, tough love and a great deal of helpful knowledge and experience, Karen can help you go from chaos to achieving your goals.”
Tonia Boterf  LSW, CLC, HLP

Tonia Boterf